Neurosurgical Skills

Mr. Bhaskar is committed to excellence in holistic patient care and utilizes the latest Neurosurgical skills and technologies to investigate, diagnose and manage patients to ensure they have the best possible outcomes.

Mr. Ivan Bhaskar is a highly qualified Australian trained Neurosurgeon with a double in Neurosurgery and sub-speciialization in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (Key hole spine surgery). Mr. Bhaskar has honed his skills with years of experience and extensive training at various universities across the world and Australia. Mr. Bhaskar provides Neurosurgical services consulting in Bacchus Marsh, Gisborne, Werribee, Bendigo and within the Metropolitan area at the Valley Hospital, St Vincent’s hospital, Epworth Richmond while consulting at Epworth Eastern.

ivan bhaskar neurosurgeon brain and spine specialists

His areas of expertise include Brain tumours, benign (meningiomas, acoustic neuromas etc) and malignant (cancers such as Glioblastomas), vascular malformations (aneurysms, cavernous and AVMs), hydrocephalus besides others. He has done a fellowship in spine surgery and further trained in Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) including endoscopic spine surgery that is only starting in Australia. Spine surgeries include treatment of disc prolapses, degenerative disc disease that need fusion operations, fractures of the spine and last but not the least all types of tumours of the spine.

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