Complex Spine Surgery

Ivan Bhaskar has many years of surgical experience in Australia and overseas and extensive fellowship training in complex spine surgery.

His areas of expertise in spinal surgery include:

  • Minimally invasive spine surgery,
  • Robotic Spine surgery,
  • Spinal fusions,
  • Spinal tumours

As a spine specialist with sub-specialisation in MISS, Mr. Bhaskar treats patients with complex spinal problems with a combination of open and minimally invasive approaches to get the best of both worlds and amazing results making him one of the best Spine surgeons in Melbourne. Complex spine surgery involves correction of scoliosis/kyphosis due to degenerative conditions of the spine that result in back pain and neural compromise causing sciatica and upper limb symptoms. Mr. Bhaskar also has vast experience in disc replacement surgeries for younger patients to preserve the normal motion of the spine.

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